The most anticipated eighth instalment in the Resident Evil franchise did not escape criticism. In less than a week from the worldwide launch of Resident Evil Village, Richard Raaphorst, The director of ‘Frankenstein’s Army‘ took to Twitter accusing Capcom of plagiarising a specific monster from his movie, after a close inspection, looks the same as the one used in the video game. The monster in question is the plane propeller dude that smashes into every wall around you whilst you’re trying to escape without being spiralised into an Ethan Fusilli!

See in the Twitter link below and judge for yourself.

Capcom didn’t ask for permission to use or copy the monster designs, nor did they gave credit to Raaphorst, according to the Dutch director.

it is surprising that Capcom would do such a thing since they’ve always come up with original designs and ideas. Now we cant help but wonder where did the idea of the tall Lady D is taken from!

On the other hand, thanks to Capcom now many people know that a movie called ‘Frankenstein’s Army‘ exists. Free Marketing anybody? You’re welcome Richard.

Capcom is yet to respond to the matter.

Resident Evil Village is out now EVERYWHERE, excluding Netflix 🙂 Get it and play it.



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